Environment Vision 2020

For the Kyocera Group, harmonious coexistence (Living Together) is the underlying foundation of all our business activities as we strive for sustainable development through environmental management. Based on a global environmental management system (Green Management), we strive for ecological and economic compatibility in three areas: Green Products, Green Factories, and Green Communication
1. Contribute to realization of a low-carbon society
Targeting a Low-Carbon Society Contribution Factor of 3 (Contribution Volume / Emission Volume) by maximizing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through energy creation, and suppressing greenhouse gas emissions in business activities.
2. Contribute to realization of a recycling-based society
Contribute to realization of a society with sustainable recycling of resources by reducing the volume of new resource input and minimizing waste.
3. Contribute to realization of a society coexisting with nature
(1)   Advance conservation of biodiversity by minimizing negative impact on the natural environment, as well as protecting and nurturing the natural environment.
(2)   Contribute to cultivation of an environmentally conscious society, through environmental communication with various stakeholders and environmental awareness activities.

Commitment to Achieving a Low-Carbon Society
The Environment Vision 2020 sets our own index, the Low-Carbon Society Contribution Factor, which comprehensively evaluates the “level of contribution to greenhouse gas reduction” by using Kyocera’s environmentally friendly products in addition to control-level of greenhouse gas emissions in our business activities, thereby helping establish a low-carbon society.

The Low-Carbon Society Contribution Factor in FY2017 was 3.95. This was the target for FY2020, which means the target was fulfilled ahead of schedule in 2016. Currently, Kyocera is considering a new target for FY2030 to more actively carry out activities toward realization of a low-carbon society.
* For this page only, fiscal years (FY) are counted in the style of Japan, where the fiscal year is represented by the year in which it begins (April 1).
Result of Low-Carbon Society Contribution Factor
FY '13 '14 '15 '16 '17 Target
Factor 1.70 2.12 2.85 3.19 3.95 FY2020: 3.00
* Value of the energy-production effect equivalent assuming solar power generation systems produced and sold by Kyocera continue power generation for 20 years converted to the greenhouse effect gas. The emission coefficient used in this conversion is 0.505 kg-CO2/kWh. (based on the Industry’s Voluntary Rule on Labeling by the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association)

Participation in the Low-Carbon Society Action Plan
Kyocera participates in the electric and electronic industries’ Low-Carbon Society Action Plan to fulfill our contribution to the realization of a low-carbon society. To be specific, what we attempt to achieve by 2020 includes reductions in CO2 emissions by 1% annually on average in energy basic units and reductions in CO2 emissions in products. Our efforts are in concert with the industry’s commitment to climate change prevention.
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