Environmental Management Promotion System

Image: Environmental management promotion system

Environmental management promotion system
In the Kyocera Group, the Kyocera Green Committee (1990) and Kyocera Group Green Committee (established in 1991) which deliberated environmental management were discontinued in April 2013.

Planning of environment-related measures and policies, which was the responsibility of the committees until now, will be implemented by the planning and policy division, environmental division, and related business divisions through mutual consultation with the president as the leader. In addition, environment-related projects will be launched as needed to work out solutions. The practical tasks and operations have been integrated into an organizational system within the environmental management system, which is centered on the environmental division.

 Environmental Management System
Targets and action plans determined by the Kyocera Green Committee are broken down in the Environmental Management System based on the ISO14001 Standard. The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle is applied monthly in order to spread continuous environmental conservation activities.

We adopted and applied an Environmental Management System in 1996 when the ISO Standard was established. Presently, we have built systems globally and now deploy and apply them at 305 Group locations both in Japan and abroad.
Image: Number of Locations Applying the eEnvironmental Management System (as of March 2013)
ISO14001 Certification Status (pdf/126KB) PDF

Environmental Safety Audit
Photo: Environmental safety audit

Environmental safety audit
The Kyocera Group periodically conducts environmental safety audits to ensure that the environmental safety management system is properly applied in accordance with ISO14001 requirements. We report audit results and carry out corrective actions immediately. The results and corrective actions are reflected in the review and in the improvement of the Environment & Safety Management System.

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