Environmental Risk Management

 Establishment of the Environmental Management Standard
The Kyocera Group established the Kyocera Group Environmental Management Standard in 1992, which sets stricter standards than legal and public regulations on emissions, wastewater, soil and ground water contaminants, etc. In addition, each office specifies even stricter self-imposed standards and carries out periodic measurements.

In addition, from the viewpoint of soil contamination control, the Kyocera Group established the Underground Installation Handling Standard to ensure that the pipeworks and storage tanks for discharged water containing contaminants are built for easy visual inspection, so that leaks can be detected early and the spread of contamination can thus be prevented.
Image: Establishment of the Environmental Management Standard

[Example of Kyocera Group Environmental Management Standard (extracted from a total of 44 water-related substances)]
Item Unit Legal and Public Standards Kyocera Group Environmental Management Standard Self-Imposed Standard (e.g. Shiga Gamo Plant)
Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) - 6.0-8.5 6.2-8.2 6.7-7.6
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) mg/l 15 10 7.2
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) mg/l 15 10 9.5
Suspended solid (SS) mg/l 20 5 4.75
N-hexane extract weight mg/l 3 1 0.95
Phenols content mg/l 1 0.5 0.3
Copper content mg/l 1 1 0.03
Zinc content mg/l 1 0.5 0.21
Dissolved iron content mg/l 10 5 0.42
Dissolved manganese content mg/l 10 5 0.27
Coliform group number colnies/ml 3,000 350 9
Nitrogen content mg/l 8 8 6.5
Phosphorus content mg/l 0.8 0.5 0.475

Image: Leakage Detection System

 Dealing with Emergencies
Assuming the inevitability of accidents and emergencies which may affect the environment, we have taken preventative countermeasures, such as the installation of dikes. We have also prepared procedures for dealing with emergencies. To ensure that employees are familiar with these procedures, we hold emergency training drills more than once each year. Photo: Emergency training (Shiga Gamo Plant)

Emergency training (Shiga Gamo Plant)

 Environmental Regulations Compliance Status
In the Kyocera Group, no violations of environment-related legal regulations occurred in FY2013.

In April 2012, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued an administrative order to AVX Corporation, a Kyocera Group company in the United States. The details of this case are stipulated in the Annual Securities Report.

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