Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award

The Kyocera Group has given the Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award since 1996, with the objective of stimulating environmental conservation activities. The Green Committee evaluates unique and groundbreaking environmental protection activities conducted throughout the year, and the Chairman (Kyocera president) awards activities that have contributed significantly to the protection of the environment. In 2011, the award was expanded to the Kyocera Group outside Japan. In total, 91 awards have been received so far. Photo: Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award

Categories for Selection and Evaluation Point

16th Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award

Grand Award (1 case)
Global Environmental Product Department: Capacitance type touch panels   Photo: Global Environmental Product Department: Capacitance type touch panels
The weight of the product itself was reduced by changing the number of glass sheets used from two to one, and at the same time the amount of energy used for manufacturing one single sheet of glass (manufacturing to polishing) was reduced.
Competitive edge was also achieved for product development on the customer side, with reduced thickness, reduced weight, and narrowed frame.
“A large number of patents related to implementation of one-glass capacitive touch panel have been filed.
Excellence Award (7 cases)
Categories Prize-winning theme and prize-winning category Outline of approaches
Environmentally Friendly Products MS Series high durability a-Si photoreceptor drums Succeeded in forming a high-speed homogeneous amorphous carbon thin film with a large area. The increased hardness of the drum’s surface-protecting outer layer has made it possible for a single drum to print one million A4 sheets, which is triple that of Kyocera’s conventional A4 a-Si photoreceptor drum.
Photo: High durability a-Si photoreceptor drum “MS Series”
Environmental performance of “EcoGeneration” high-efficiency printhead technology Developed new basic structure technology for heat-generation units, which is applicable to all types of thermal printheads and enables high quality printing. — contributing to higher image quality and reduction of power consumption in thermal printers.
TASKalfa 8000i Product weight was reduced compared to existing models. Adoption of white LED lamps and IH fixation contributed to reduction of power consumption during duplication.
Photo: TASKalfa 8000i
Energy Conservation / Climate Change Prevention Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through effective use of a high-efficiency cold source. Attention was focused on the installation capacity of high-efficiency turbo refrigerators and heat-pump chillers which provide power at non-peak times. By integrating them with the cold water and hot water systems of adjacent plants, absorption refrigerators and steam boilers with poorer efficiency can be shut down, contributing to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy saving by reusing the pure water washing drying machines hot-water for washing High-temperature purified water from the pure water drying machine’s hot-water washing tank, which used to be drained, is reused for the post-treatment hot-water washing tank, thereby contributing to a reduction in consumption of heat sources (electricity and LPG) for heating water for hot-washing and a reduction in the consumption of purified water.
CO2 reduction associated with transportation of mobile phones In transporting mobile phones from Malaysia to the United States, the packaging method was simplified to contribute to a great reduction in transportation weight, CO2 emissions at the time of transportation, and transportation costs.
Environmental Communication CSR activities of Kyocera Crystal Device (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Environmental conservation activities are performed under broad cooperation with local organizations including environmental activities with the local government, and waste reduction and energy saving activities with Chiang Mai University. Various environmental conservation activities were commended and Kyocera was awarded the Green System Level by the Thai Government.
Photo: CSR activities of KYOCERA Crystal Device (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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