Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Policy and Targets

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 Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Policy
In the course of business activities, through operation of the management system, the Kyocera Group will take comprehensive measures to proactively promote environmental protection and work safety, adhering closely to the Company's basic philosophy and to continuously improve environment and safety performance.
Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Policy
· Kyocera will comply with laws, agreements, and internal standards regarding the environment and work safety.
· Kyocera will increase research and development into products that make a positive contribution to the enhancement of the global environment and minimize environmental impact at all stages of the product life cycle; and the Company will strive to spread the use of such products.
· Kyocera will promote greenhouse gas emission control in the value chain to contribute to the prevention of climate change.
· Kyocera will contribute to the realization of a society with sustainable recycling of resources by purchasing materials with low environmental impact, reducing the volume of new resource consumption, and minimizing waste.
· Kyocera will advance conservation of biodiversity by minimizing negative impacts on the natural environment, as well as by protecting and nurturing the natural environment.
· Kyocera will support corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and communicate with various stakeholders.
· Kyocera aims to build a corporate culture that creates an accident-free and disaster-free workplace environment where everyone can work safely and with peace of mind.
· Kyocera will carry out risk assessments and reduce risks by eliminating existing hazards in order to prevent workplace accidents and disasters.
· The Kyocera Group strives to build a work environment where employees feel healthy, enjoy job satisfaction and can reach their maximum potential by promoting mental and physical health.
*Latest Update:October 1,2018

 Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Targets
The Kyocera Group has set the Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Targets, which set targets in four items of greenhouse gas, energy, water, and industrial wastes; and targets for control of industrial accidents and fire accidents.
Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Targets

(1) In all production sites, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption*1, water consumption*2, and industrial waste discharge will be reduced by 1% or more from the previous year in terms of energy consumption unit improvement rate.

(2) In Japan, the target for total accident frequency rate is 0.5 or less; and lost time accident frequency rate is 0.15 or less. Overseas, the target for total accidents per 1,000 persons is 1.0.

(3) Fire accidents target is zero.

*1  Energy consumption: all sites in Japan including manufacturing sites and non-manufacturing sites
  *2  Water consumption: except sites which do not consume water in the production line
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