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Notice Regarding Counterfeit Kyocera Products

Thank you for your continued support of Kyocera products.

In recent years, we have noted several cases of counterfeit Kyocera products (in particular ceramic knives, cutting tools, electronic parts, etc.) around the world, especially in East Asia. In addition to the above, we have discovered counterfeit use of the Kyocera brand logo on products not manufactured by our company, for example adhesives for tiles (pictured below).

Since counterfeit products are not only different in specification and performance from genuine Kyocera products, but also inferior in quality and safety, there is a possibility of injury or accidents due to breakage, and we are very concerned that such injury or accidents might cause harm to our customers. For your safety, we will continue to take decisive steps toward eliminating counterfeit products, including legal action. In the meantime, we ask all our customers to be careful not to purchase counterfeit Kyocera products.

In addition, Kyocera is not responsible for any damages or accidents resulting from the use of counterfeit products. We appreciate your understanding.

Examples of Counterfeit Products:

Counterfeit Ceramic Knife
Genuine Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Efforts Toward Eliminating Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products infringe on our intellectual property rights, including patent, utility model, design, trademark, etc. In order to protect our customers from damages caused by counterfeit products and to use our products safely, we have been making various efforts toward eliminating counterfeit products around the world.

・ Warnings, administrative raids and criminal prosecution against counterfeiters
・ Countermeasures against counterfeit products at customs
・ Monitoring e-commerce sites and deleting websites which sell counterfeit products
・ Promoting public awareness campaigns (education) for general consumers not to buy counterfeit products

Administrative Raid Example:

Counterfeit adhesive for tiles with「京瓷」
Large quantities counterfeit products discovered during the raid

Reference Information to Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Products

In order to avoid obtaining counterfeit products, please refer to the following information.

・Pay attention to products when purchasing them through overseas online sites. When purchasing our products online, these products might be counterfeits if the “Kyocera brand symbol is replaced with a mosaic” or “characters are not displayed properly”.

・Pay attention to products when the price appears too low. Products sold at extremely low prices may be counterfeits.

・Pay attention to the Kyocera brand symbol and company name graphics for Kyocera Corporation (Chinese). Ensure that the Kyocera brand symbol and company name graphics for Kyocera Corporation (Chinese) are correct at the time of purchase. The design and shape of the Kyocera brand symbol and company name graphics for Kyocera Corporation (Chinese) on counterfeits are depicted differently.

<Correct Notation>

Correct Notation

We sincerely hope for your continued patronage as customers of Kyocera products.