Photo: The Inamori Library

To promote the Kyocera Group's growth and prosperity in the 21st century, Kyocera created The Inamori Library as a venue for educating its employees about the Kyocera Philosophy Founder Kazuo Inamori's views on life and management. The library's purpose is to ensure that the Philosophy is passed on to future generations.

Inamori founded Kyocera Corporation (then Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd.) in 1959 with virtually no resources. The driving force behind Kyocera's continued development is its superior technological capabilities; but having the Philosophy far outweighs having technological know-how. Today's Kyocera Group is the result of the earnest efforts of all employees who share the value of the Kyocera Philosophy and who use it to guide their decisions and actions.

Kyocera will continue to manage its businesses by the Kyocera Philosophy, and will continue to grow and meet the expectations of society through the practice of the Philosophy by all employees.

The Inamori Library focuses on Inamori's philosophy of life and management, and showcases his path as an engineer and business leader, as well as many philanthropic activities. This library is a place for everyone to learn the essence of the Kyocera Philosophy through the words and thoughts he has consistently shared throughout his life.

Although The Inamori Library was created to provide all Kyocera employees a place to study the Kyocera Philosophy, we opened it to the public as a place for study by visitors from outside the Kyocera Group as well.

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