Floor Plans

This floor uses personal mementos and other exhibits to explain the management methods employed by Inamori during his involvement with Kyocera, KDDI, and Japan Airlines (JAL) — the companies he has been most deeply linked with.

2F Technology and Management
  • Manual Press / Electric Tunnel Kiln

    Manual Press / Electric Tunnel Kiln

    This section exhibits the hand press machine (left) used at Kyocera right after the establishment of the company for molding ceramic powder, and a model of the electric tunnel kiln invented by Inamori.

  • Amoeba Management / Kyocera Accounting Principles

    Amoeba Management / Kyocera Accounting Principles

    This section offers an easy-to-understand explanation using commentary and drawings of the two managerial foundations created by Inamori: Amoeba Management and Kyocera Accounting Principles.

  • Inamori Leads JAL's Restructuring

    Inamori Leads JAL's Restructuring

    This section introduces Inamori's management reform of bankrupt Japan Airlines, which he was able to relist on the stock exchange in just two years and seven months after becoming the company's chairman.

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