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Floor Plans

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Entrance Hall

1F General Information

This floor includes exhibits of Inamori’s personal history, a summary of the companies he has managed, his philosophy, and his philanthropic activities. Inamori’s motto, Keiten Aijin (Respect the Divine and Love People) is displayed at the entrance. An 18-minute video of Inamori’s journey to the present day is available in the presentation room.

  • Personal History Corner Personal History Corner
  • Presentation Room Presentation Room

2F Technology and Management

This floor introduces Inamori’s history in developing Kyocera, from its founding to its present-day status as a world-renowned fine ceramics manufacturer. A related section outlines the history of Daini-Denden (DDI), which Inamori founded during the liberalization of the Japanese telecommunications market and developed into the integrated communications company KDDI. It also introduces information of Inamori’s restructuring efforts at Japan Airlines, from the Japanese government’s request, to the successful relisting of shares on the stock exchange.

  • History of Kazuo Inamori and Kyocera History of Kazuo Inamori and Kyocera
  • Amoeba Management / Kyocera Accounting Principles Amoeba Management / Kyocera Accounting Principles

3F Philosophy

This floor displays some of the principles that typically represent Inamori’s philosophy. It is divided into two parts: Life Philosophy and Management Philosophy. Visitors can watch Inamori’s lectures on the Kyocera Philosophy, including “The Result of Life or Work = Attitude x Effort x Ability,” in the theatre.

  • Life Philosophy Corner Life Philosophy Corner
  • Video Theatre Video Theatre

4F Social Activities

Inamori’s altruistic mind leads him to engage in many social activities, including the Kyoto Prize, which is bestowed by the Inamori Foundation, and was established through Inamori’s personal funds. In addition to the Kyoto Prize, this floor also exhibits the activities of Seiwajyuku — a management school where Inamori voluntarily teaches his management principles. A video available in the theatre introduces the Inamori Foundation, the Kyoto Prize and Seiwajyuku.

  • Inamori Foundation Inamori Foundation
  • Seiwajyuku Seiwajyuku

5F Commendations

This floor exhibits the awards and commendations Inamori has received from industrial and business communities, governments, and universities, both within Japan and around the world. Visitors can read Inamori’s publications in the reference corner. A lounge is also available for your convenience.

  • Commendation Corner Commendation Corner
  • Reference Corner Reference Corner
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