Advanced Mobility

Kyocera’s latest developments for creating a safe and comfortable mobility society include its “3D Augmented Reality Head-up Display,” which supports driver safety and comfort — as well as Kyocera’s patented HAPTIVITY ®* touchscreen display technology, which simulates a variety of realistic tactile sensations to revolutionize the human-machine interface.

* “HAPTIVITY ®” is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation

3D-AR Head-Up Display

Realistic 3D display for enhanced safety and comfort

  • 01Features

    • - Autostereoscopic head-up display with parallax barrier
    • - Driver eye-tracking technology and real-time image correction produces high-quality 3D image
    • - Virtual image distance of 7.5 m enables an enlarged display size and deeper, clearer expression area
    • - Adjusts image distance according to the car speed in order to eliminate focus distortion (blurring) resulting from differences between the viewpoint when driving and the virtual image display position
    • - Switch to 2D or 3D image processing
    Parallax Separation Barrier System
    Parallax Separation
    Barrier System
    Product Specs
    Configuration and Display Mechanics
  • 02Functions

    • - Projects speed, navigation, and alerts for the driver to see effortlessly
    • - Enhances safety and comfort by minimizing eye movements and focus changes while driving
    • - Augmented reality (AR) display with parallax image distance adjustment
    • - 3D display for ADAS contents
    HUD Display Sample Image
    HUD Display Sample Image
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Revolutionizing the human-machine interface with real-touch sensory feedback

  • 01Features

    • - Kyocera's innovative piezo electric technology enables touchscreen panels and displays with realistic force-feedback button sensation
    • - Piezo electric device works as a pressure sensor and actuator
    • - Provides comfortable and secure operations to assist with a safer ride
    • - Reproduces multistep button feeling
    • - Various feelings include: slide switch, multistep click, boundary detection and more
    Haptic feedback positions freely programmable
    Haptic feedback positions freely programmable
  • 02Applications

    • - Automotive (center information display)
    • - Industrial or medical equipment (operation panel)
    HAPTIVITY® for Automotive Infotainment Displays
    HAPTIVITY® for Automotive Infotainment Displays
    HAPTIVITY® system configuration example
    HAPTIVITY® system configuration example
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