5G Solutions

Wireless 5G communication is finally coming to consumers. Kyocera will introduce new prototypes of rugged 5G tablets and smartphones that provide solutions for business and professional users. In addition, its innovative “5G Smart Router” device which can bring Edge Computing and 5G connectivity to devices lacking 5G capability will also be displayed.

5G Smart Router

Connecting all devices to the cloud with 5G

  • 01Features

    • - Connect to 5G via HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
    • - Upload data from various edge devices to the cloud
    • - Data processing and feedback with edge computing
    Product Specs
  • 02Use Cases

    • - Connect to high-resolution cameras, vital sensors, and more for real-time AI analysis and reduced security risks
    • - Interpret human emotions through instantaneous voice data analysis to facilitate smooth communication
    Use Cases
  • 03Solutions Expansion

    • - Development of system environments that meet client needs, including full system development and edge computing solutions
    • - Support companies expanding 5G capabilities in their products
    Solutions Expansion
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