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April 1, 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Kyocera’s founding.April 1, 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Kyocera’s founding.

In 1959, at a small local factory in Kyoto, Japan, with no capital, credentials or reputation, a small group of 28 colleagues established Kyocera with the collective dream of producing fine ceramic products for the world. Since then, Kyocera has continued to grow by implementing the principle of “management by all” based on the bonds of human minds, striving to accept challenges that others had declined, and diversifying our businesses into innovative new areas. We thank everyone who helped us reach this milestone for supporting us over the past six decades.
Today, with the rapid advance of robotics, AI, IoT, and 5G communications networks, humankind is experiencing a technological revolution that will transform both industry and society at large.
We at Kyocera wish to take this opportunity to rekindle our founding spirit by seeking new challenges in our core markets: Information & Communications; Automotive components & devices; Environment & Energy; and, Medical & Healthcare technologies.
As we embrace an ever-changing future, we will continue to provide products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations and contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.
H.Tanimoto We humbly request your continued support.
Hideo Tanimoto H.Tanimoto
KYOCERA Corporation

Hideo Tanimoto

H.Tanimoto President, KYOCERA Corporation

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Kyocera's Management Rationale: To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees,
and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

Total Employees


28 employees

76,863 employees

(Excluding non-consolidated
subsidiaries and affiliates accounted
for by the equity method, as of
March 31, 2019)

Net Sales

Steady sales growth to
1.6 trillion yen

(Year ended March 31, 2019)



Kazuo Inamori establishes “Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd.,” a manufacturing company specializing in fine ceramics. Company headquarters and first factory location open in the Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan, on April 1, 1959.


Business Expansion Through Mass Production of Semiconductor Components


IBM places large quantity order for ceramic IC substrates (circuit boards).


Kagoshima Sendai Plant (Japan) constructed; company expands into multilayer ceramic integrated circuit (IC) packaging business.

U.S. Market Expansion


First international sales office opens in Sunnyvale, California.


Kyocera International, Inc. established in Sunnyvale, California, as a U.S.-based subsidiary.


European Market Expansion


Joint venture (now “Kyocera Fine Ceramics GmbH”) begins in Germany with Feldműhle AG to promote further European market expansion.



Finding more creative applications for its advanced materials, Kyocera expands its business operations into new markets, including industrial cutting tools, medical products, solar cells, and jewelry.



Company Renamed as Kyocera Corporation


After an historic merger with four other companies, including Cybernet Electronics, Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. is renamed as Kyocera Corporation.

Global Expansion


AVX Group joins the Kyocera Group.

Expansion of Manufacturing Sites and Sales Offices in China


Dongguan Shilong Kyocera Optics Co., Ltd. (now “Dongguan Shilong Kyocera Co., Ltd.”) established in China.

New Corporate Head Office


Kyocera Corporation’s new global headquarters building opens in Kyoto's Fushimi Ward, featuring solar power generation systems and other eco-friendly features.


Expansion of Document Solutions Business


Mita Industrial Co., Ltd. joins the Kyocera Group and changes its name to Kyocera Mita Corp (now “Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.”).

Expansion of Telecommunications Equipment Business


Kyocera enters the North American mobile phone market.


Telecommunications business grows after taking over the cell-phone operations of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


Expansion of Global Manufacturing Operations


Kyocera Vietnam Management Company Limited (now “Kyocera Vietnam Co., Ltd.”) established in Vietnam.


Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Private Limited established in India as a cutting tools manufacturer.

Construction of Japan's Largest* Mega Solar Power Plant


The Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant (Japan), with total power generating capacity of 70 MW, is completed.
*As of 2013.

Toward Further Diversification


U.S.-based SENCO Holdings joins Kyocera Group, expanding the group's operations into the pneumatic tools market.


Kyocera acquires the Ryobi Ltd. power tools operations in Asia, including Japan, and Africa.

Striving Forward Into the Future

AI, IoT, robotics... These rapidly evolving fields will shape the future of humanity. Kyocera will focus its diverse technological expertise on the core markets of Information & Communications, Automotive components & devices, Environment & Energy, Medical & Healthcare technologies, to help build a brighter future.

Main Growth Markets

illust:Information & Communications

Information & Communications

Our components are small in size, but indispensable to the high-tech functionality of mobile communication devices, such as smartphones. To support the deployment of 5G networks and IoT connectivity, which are expanding globally, we are developing next-generation components and modules for the evolving network infrastructure. Our collective expertise in materials, components, devices, and services will contribute to the advancement of communications technology.

illust:Automotive Components & Devices


To make cars safer, smarter, cleaner and more comfortable, Kyocera will provide essential components and electronic devices such as camera modules and high-definition LCD displays for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). We will also contribute communications technologies and components for the development of digital infrastructure that supports MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared Electric) vehicles.

illust:Environment & Energy

Environment & Energy

Global climate change is motivating concerned citizens worldwide to build a post-carbon society based on renewable energy, as reflected in the Paris Agreement and RE100 corporate renewable energy initiative. Kyocera is developing new products and services to support renewable technologies — from solar generating systems, storage batteries and SOFC fuel cells, to energy management systems that control and optimize the distribution of renewable power.

illust:Medical & Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare

Kyocera is creating new medical products that support human health and well-being, focusing on orthopedic joint replacement systems, by combining the unique properties of ceramics with metals and our own processing technologies. Additionally, our work with other research institutions is yielding new products to facilitate day-to-day health management, such as blood flow sensors and an automatic cell sorting & densitometry device for life sciences research.


Striving Toward the FutureStriving Toward the Future

Over the past 60 years, Kyocera has grown its business while also contributing to society and humankind.
Here we will introduce Kyocera employees who are working hard to develop new technologies and solutions
to benefit humanity over the next 10 years, and into the future.

Striving toward a world without traffic accidents

ADAS* Basic Technology Lab

While working on research and development for stereo-cameras for assisted driving, turning, and parking, this Kyocera employee is striving to achieve the goal of eliminating traffic accidents with a highly versatile advanced driver-assistance systems that can be installed easily on any vehicle. This system will help maintain vehicle safety and security in our increasingly on-the-move world, and through this research, he aims to establish preventative vehicle safety that stops traffic accidents before they happen.
*Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Realizing a cleaner world with eco-friendly materials development

Advanced Materials Devices Section

As concerns grow worldwide regarding environmental and energy issues, corporate initiatives to tackle these problems are becoming increasingly important. This Kyocera employee working in advanced materials research is helping to realize a zero-waste society by combining materials simulations and materials informatics to eliminate the burden placed on the environment during the development stage and after productization for Kyocera’s advanced materials.

Creating a world where everyone can live a long and healthy life

Medical Development Center

With the aim of helping to improve life expectancy, this employee is developing a biosensing system that will allow even those without specialized medical knowledge to easily monitor their health. He works not just in the office but also by actively engaging in discussions with medical professionals and patients, as well as by running verification tests. Through these efforts he is en route to finding solutions that will contribute to healthier living for everyone.

Improving people’s quality of life and quality of work

KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V. Comprehensive Services Department

In order to accelerate globalization and digitization in the office, this Kyocera employee from Europe uses specialized know-how in areas such as enterprise content management (ECM) and document management systems (DMS) to centrally manage documents and data, and provide convenient, high-quality solutions to Kyocera customers.

Future Vision