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2011-01-31 KYOCERA Installs Solar Power at More Than 1,200 Japanese Schools
2011-01-24 KYOCERA Solar Modules Certified by TUV Rheinland after Passing Independent 'Long-Term Sequential Test'
2011-01-21 KYOCERA Expands Solar Module Production Capacity with 2 new Assembly Plants in Czech Republic & China
2011-01-11 KYOCERA Launches Educational “Solar Power Expo” Web Site
2010-12-28 KYOCERA to Supply 204 MW of Solar Modules for one of S.E. Asia's Largest Solar Power Projects
2010-12-21 KYOCERA Installs 100kW Solar Array Atop Its Mexico Manufacturing FacilitySeparate window
2010-12-21 KYOCERA Celebrates One-Millionth Solar Module Produced in North AmericaSeparate window
2010-12-13 Kinney Construction Services, Inc. Installs 3, 838 KYOCERA Solar Modules at U.S. High SchoolSeparate window
2010-11-16 KYOCERA Starts Supplying Solar-Powered Recharging Stations for Electric Bicycles
2010-11-02 KYOCERA Solar Modules Illuminate "Cathedral of the Holy Cross" in Turkey
2010-11-01 KYOCERA Solar Modules Are Best-Performing Crystalline Modules at Desert Knowledge AustraliaSeparate window
2010-10-29 Swiss Solar Awards for Office Building and Single-Family Home Use KYOCERA ModulesSeparate window
2010-10-26 KYOCERA Supplies 305 kW of Solar Power to Villages in Mongolia
2010-10-14 KYOCERA Solar Module First in the World to Pass Major Testing of TUV Rheinland's Independent 'Long-Term Sequential Test'
2010-08-30 KYOCERA to Install Solar Power Generating Systems at all Domestic Manufacturing Sites
2010-08-25 KYOCERA to Supply 1MW of Solar Modules for Utility Co.'s Mega Solar Plant in Northern Japan
2010-08-02 KYOCERA to Start Production at New Solar Cell Plant
2010-06-30 KYOCERA Supplies Solar Modules for Toyota Marine Recreational Boats
2010-06-05 KYOCERA Implements Industry-First "Customer Satisfaction Program" for Residential-Use Solar Power Generating Systems
2010-06-05 KYOCERA Provides "Eco-Lessons" to Over 23,000 Primary School Children
2010-06-03 KYOCERA Commences U.S. Manufacturing of Solar Modules
2010-05-26 KYOCERA Supplies 9,000 Solar Modules for 1.2MW Power Plant in Czech Republic
2010-05-07 KYOCERA to Supply 1.7MW of Solar Modules for Shikoku Electric Power Co. Solar Power Plant
2010-05-07 KYOCERA to Supply 1.7MW of Solar Modules for Shikoku Electric Power Co. Solar Power Plant
2010-04-28 KYOCERA Expands Residential-Use Solar Energy Sales Network with New "Kyocera Solar Square" Stores
2010-04-16 KYOCERA Opens 100th Solar Franchise Sales Location in Japan
2010-03-02 KYOCERA Announces Upward Revision of Annual Solar Cell Production to 1GW by March 2013
2010-03-02 KYOCERA Completes Construction of New Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant
2010-02-12 KYOCERA Achieves World Record Conversion Efficiency for Multicrystalline Solar Modules
2010-01-26 KYOCERA to Supply 3MW of Solar Modules for Kyushu Electric Power Co. Mega Solar Plant
2009-12-17 KYOCERA Solar Modules Supply Approx. 40 MW at Large-Scale Solar Power Plants in Spain
2009-12-15 KYOCERA to Provide 13 Megawatts of Solar Modules for One of Japan's Largest Solar Installations
2009-10-08 KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Schools in Uganda
2009-09-15 KYOCERA Explains Innovations Used in Solar Panel for New Toyota Prius
2009-09-02 KYOCERA Expands Sales Network for Residential-Use Solar Power Generating Systems
2009-08-28 KYOCERA Sakura Solar Energy Center Marks 25 Years
2009-05-19 KYOCERA Supplies Solar Modules for New Toyota Prius
2009-05-13 KYOCERA Solar Modules Installed on European Court of Justice
2009-08-27 AEON and KYOCERA Announce Business Collaboration
2009-03-24 KYOCERA Installs Solar Power Generating Systems at Kyoto Prefectural Government Office Buildings
2009-03-23 KYOCERA Installs Solar Power Generating Systems at Gyoza no Ohsho Restaurants
2009-02-20 KYOCERA Breaks Ground on New Solar Module Plant in China
2008-12-17 KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Schools in Nepal
2008-12-03 KYOCERA Launches “Solar Power Expo” Web Site
2008-11-14 KYOCERA Announces Construction of New Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant
2008-10-22 KYOCERA Introduces Residential Solar Modules With Improved Output
2008-09-29 KYOCERA to Release High Power 208.4W Solar Module
2008-07-08 KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Primary Schools in Tanzania
2008-01-31 KYOCERA to Supply Solar Power Generating Systems to 500 Households Without Electricity in Tunisia
2007-09-12 KYOCERA PV Modules Power 13.8-Megawatt Solar Electric Plant in Salamanca, Spain
2007-04-18 KYOCERA Secures Silicon Materials to Increase Solar Production Output up to 500 Megawatts by 2011
Solar Collaboration between SHIKI and KYOCERA Begins
KYOCERA to Release ECONOROOTS Type R, the New Model for Residential Solar Power Generating Systems
2005-10-19 KYOCERA Starts Solar Module Production in the Czech Republic
2005-08-04 KYOCERA to Release a New Dirt-Free Module in Japan in September
2005-07-21 KYOCERA to Give Classes on Environmental Issues in English at the 2005 Children's World Summit for the Environment
2005-07-06 KYOCERA Brings ECONOROOTS WIDE to the Japanese Market
2005-07-04 KYOCERA Co-Sponsors the 2005 Children's World Summit for the Environment
2005-06-24 KYOCERA Inaugurates First-Ever Solar Grove, Unleashing "Power of the Sun" for Parking Facilities
2005-04-01 KYOCERA Solar Corporation Revamped
2005-02-28 KYOCERA Introduces New Modules with Greater Power Output for the 2005 Standard Specifications (in Japan)
2005-02-23 KYOCERA Introduces New Building-Integrated Solar PV Module Systems in Japan and U.S.A.
2004-12-07 KYOCERA Introduces New 200-Watt Solar Module (in Japan)
2004-10-18 Release of ECONOWAVE, a New Solar Power Generating System for Public and Industrial Use (in Japan)
2004-09-22 KYOCERA Establishes a Quadripartite Global Production Framework for Solar Modules
2004-08-03 KYOCERA to Mass-Produce World's Most Efficient Polycrystalline Silicon-Based Solar Modules
2004-03-22 New Residential Solar Power Systems from KYOCERA Feature World's Most Efficient Multicrystalline Modules (in Japan)
2004-03-01 To Communicate KYOCERA's Business Activities in Solar Energy, Announcing the Publication of the Kyocera Solar Spirit Book

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