Ceramic Packages

Ceramic Packages for MEMS Sensors

Kyocera offers hermetic ceramic packages with superior mechanical properties, suitable for small, high density, and surface mountable applications - including accelerometers and angular rate, pressure, optical and RF sensors.


  • Air-cavity type hermetic package
  • Close thermal-expansion matching provides superior mechanical elasticity and less mechanical stress with silicon MEMS chips
  • Miniaturized, high-density surface mountable package incorporating multi-layer ceramic technology


  • Accelerometers
  • Angular rate sensors (gyro sensors, yaw-rate sensors)
  • Pressure sensors
  • CMOS / CCD Image sensors

Packages for MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems)

Ceramic Packages for MEMS Gyroscopes and Accelerometers
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Ceramic MCM Package for Accelerometer
(Courtesy of Colibrys S.A.)

DLP® Chip Package
(Courtesy of Texas Instruments, Inc.)

  • iMEMS is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.
  • DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments, Inc.


  • TYPE 1: Package + Seal RING

  • TYPE 2: Package + Seal META (or NON)

  • Cerdip Type Package

Material Characteristics

Bulk Density - 3.6 3.7
ElectricalDielectric Constant (1MHz) - 9.8 9.6
tan delta (1MHz) ( 1 X 10E-4) 24 5.0
Volume Resistivity (20°C) Ω-cm >1012 >1012
ThermalThermal Expansion (40-400°C) ( 1 X 10E-6/°C) 7.1 6.9
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 14.0 18
Specific Heat J/gK 0.78 0.79
MechanicalFlexural Strength MPa 400 460
Young's Modulus GPa 310 310
ConductorMaterial W W
Sheet Resistance mΩ/SQ 8 8
Tensile Strength Kgf/mm2SQ 4 4
Characteristic High strength
Color of Ceramics Brown/Black Brown/Black

Reliability Test Results (Tested as package only)

Test ItemsTest ConditionsHermeticities
(Gross Leak only)
opens/shortsConductive ResistanceInsulation Resistance
Temp. cycle-65 to +150°C 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles
High Temp. Torage+150°C 1000 hours 1000 hours 1000 hours 1000 hours
High Temp. Humidity85°C -
1000 hours 1000 hours 1000 hours 1000 hours
Thermal Shock-65 to +150°C 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles
High Temp. Storage with Bias150°C/5.5V 1000 hours N/A 3000 hours N/A

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