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Long Life

Kyocera LED Lamp Structure

Kyocera's LED is mounted in a ceramic package and unlike plastic packages, ceramic shows little deterioration from heat and light. As a result, the LED lifetime is extended significantly. Shown below, the Kyocera LED lamp retains 95% of its initial luminous flux after 98,400 hours of continuous testing.
Correlated color temperature (CCT) also remains stable after the same time period.

Current Test of Kyocera LED Lamps

  • 1. Current test conditions: ambient temperature of 25℃, LED chip surface temperature of 75℃
  • 2. Current test of LED lamps does not assure lifetime of luminaires.
  • 3. All test data herein was measured by Kyocera.

Higher than 95% of initial luminous flux has been maintained after 98,400 hours.

Correlated color temperature (CCT) remains stable even after 98,400 hours.