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High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Above picture was taken under the light of Kyocera High-CRI LEDs.

Color Rendering Index (CRI or CIE Ra) is an average between R1 and R8, with a scale of 0 to 100, and is an indicator of how well the light source replicates standardized daylight. The Ra of Kyocera's LED modules is 97, a very high number in the LED industry. The remaining special color rendering indices (R9 through R15) which indicate primary colors and colors of skin, are also very high.

  • 1. Color rendering indices may vary if the phosphors are changed to meet customized requirements.
  • 2. All color rendering indices herein were measured by Kyocera.

CRI of Kyocera LED at CCT of 5000K

CRI Example of White LED (blue LED + yellow phosphor) at CCT of 500K