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Luminance Systems

There are three types of single-chip white LED systems on the market. Kyocera's LED is a single-chip type that creates a high color rendering index (CRI) very close to sunlight by combining a violet LED with blending techniques of red, green and blue phosphors. Custom spectra can also be created to meet customers' lighting requirements.

Spectrum Choices

(customized color variations are available)

Spectra from conventional light sources cannot be modified and users must accept the spectral limitations of their light source. With Kyocera LED modules, customers can create tailor-made spectra in correlated color temperature ranges of 2,000 to 20,000 Kelvin by utilizing Kyocera's phosphor blending technology.
Customers can thus realize drastically-improved freedom of light expression.

Colors can be created only on the Y-B line with a blue LED and yellow phosphor.

Any color can be created within the RGB triangle with a Kyocera violet LED by changing the phosphor blending ratio.

Spectrum Examples for Color Booth Lighting

  • 5000K Standard
    Ra=95, Rf=96, Rg=102, GAI=93, CQS=97

  • 5000K Homogeneous
    Ra=96, Rf=96, Rg=99, GAI=90, CQS=97

Spectrum Examples for Medical Ceiling Light

  • 6500K Standard
    Ra=97, Rf=96, Rg=101, GAI=98, CQS=97

  • 6500K Homogeneous
    Ra=97, Rf=96, Rg=101, GAI=100, CQS=97

  • All spectrum data herein was measured by Kyocera.