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External Link For product information on crystal devices please visit the KYOCERA Crystal Device Corporation Website.
Electronic Components & Devices Sitemap
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2014-10-01 Update Catalog information on full line-up of cutting-edge electronic components has been renewed new  
2014-10-01 Information Product information on crystal devices has been moved to the KYOCERA Crystal Device Corporation Website. new  
2014-07-16 New Product Kyocera Starts Mass Production of CU02 Series High-Q 01005 Size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors new  
2014-02-24 Information Notice Relating to Reorganization of Crystal Components Business of Kyocera Group (Corporate Split)  
2014-02-24 Update Capacitor sites have been renewed  
2013-09-30 Update Catalog information on full line-up of cutting-edge electronic components has been renewed  
2013-03-18 New Product Kyocera Develops World's First 1206,100V,4.7μF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor with Maximum Operating Temperature of 125°C  
Ceramic Capacitor Electrical Characteristics Ceramic Capacitor Search Resonator vs. IC Circuit Matching Search
Electrical characteristics graphs and data of ceramic capacitors are available. Search ceramic capacitors by parameters. Search resonator vs. IC circuit matching by parameters.
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Crystal Devices.

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External Link AVX is a group company of KYOCERA.
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