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Jun. 8, 2011 Lecture at the Seiwajyuku Chicago Opening Ceremony

On May 7, the opening ceremony for Seiwajyuku Chicago was held. This was the 62nd opening worldwide and the 9th overseas. Inamori gave a lecture entitled “Why do we need philosophy in management? And what is the meaning of life?” to the more-than 250 people in attendance.

In his lecture he said that the outcome of life and work could be explained in a formula using attitude, effort, and ability (“The Result of Life or Work = Attitude × Effort × Ability”). He brought up the example of the selfish attitudes of the top executives at financial institution, Lehman Brothers. He said attitudes are important. He stated that in order to develop a permanent company, it is important for managers to have a simple decision-making standard of “What is the right thing to do as a human being?” This will also lead to one’s life goal of elevating one’s character.

Five Seiwajyuku schools have opened in the U.S. since 2004, and young business-owners are enthusiastically learning Inamori’s management and life philosophy through regular workshops at each school.

Picture: Inamori gives his lecture
Picture: Attendees at opening ceremony

Inamori gives his lecture

Attendees at opening ceremony

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Home > Archives of What’s New > Jun. 8, 2011 Lecture at the Seiwajyuku Chicago Opening Ceremony
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