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Fine Chemicals
Fine Chemicals

Fine chemical technologies have become a driving force behind the advancement of digital equipment by facilitating miniaturization and ultra-large-scale circuit integration. Kyocera Chemical Corporation uses organic chemistry to support advances in electronics, automobiles, energy and the environment.

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Optical Components
Optical Components

Kyocera develops high-precision aspherical lenses using specially formulated optical glass. Our lenses are used in applications ranging from digital single-lens reflex cameras to the latest automotive rearview monitoring systems.

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Information Systems and Telecommunication Services
Information & Communications Technology
KCCS offers information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services, including the construction of information systems, enterprise resource planning systems, data center-based cloud services, security, MVNO* and business process outsourcing.
*Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Telecommunications Engineering
KCCS provides total wireless solutions — from installation, operation and infrastructure maintenance to wireless network optimization. The company also offers set-up, operation and maintenance services for information networks which contribute to disaster prevention.

Environment and Energy Engineering
KCCS provides solar power generating systems, electricity storage systems and energy management systems (EMS). The company has a long track record in the design and construction of utility-scale solar power plants and other infrastructure projects.

Management Consulting
KCCS provides consulting services based on Kyocera's unique Amoeba Management System, facilitating the introduction and operation of Amoeba Management and related information systems.
Information Systems and Telecommunication Services
KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd.
Hotels and Hospitality
External Link Hotel KYOCERA (Japan)
  Designed by noted architect Kisho Kurokawa, the Hotel Kyocera is an upscale resort in Kagoshima, Japan. It features 328 rooms with luxurious amenities, superior hospitality and convenient access to the Ruins Museum of Jomon.
Hotel KYOCERA (Japan)
External Link International Golf Resort KYOCERA (Japan)
  Featuring a luxurious array of recreational facilities surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, the International Golf Resort Kyocera offers 62 rooms with access to golf, soccer, swimming, hot springs, a fitness center and a multipurpose auditorium.
International Golf Resort KYOCERA (Japan)
External Link Hotel NIKKO Princess Kyoto (Japan)
  Located in the heart of the city, the Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto welcomes guests with European-style facilities and warm hospitality. It features 216 spacious, elegantly decorated rooms, four restaurants and a bar. Fresh water from natural underground wells is used throughout the entire building.
Hotel NIKKO Princess Kyoto (Japan)
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