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Other Businesses

Information Systems & Telecommunication Services

Kyocera operates other businesses in information and communications technology (ICT); telecommunications engineering; environment and energy engineering; and management consulting. We can help implement and operate four major types of systems: information platforms, communications infrastructure, harmonized economy and ecology infrastructures, and enterprise management platforms.

  • Information and Communications Technology

    Information and Communications Technology

    We offer ICT solutions and services, including constructing information systems, enterprise resource planning systems, data center-based cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and digital marketing.

  • Telecommunications Engineering

    Telecommunications Engineering

    Kyocera provides a one-stop solution, from constructing communications infrastructure, to operation, maintenance and optimization. We also set up, operate, and maintain services for local government networks that contribute to disaster prevention.

  • Environment and Energy Engineering

    Environment and Energy Engineering

    Kyocera supplies solar power generating systems, battery storage systems and energy management systems (EMS). The company has a long track record in the design and construction of utility-scale power plants and other infrastructure projects.

  • Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    We provide consulting services for the implementation of Kyocera's unique Amoeba Management System, helping customers to introduce the system, providing operational support, and facilitating the operation of related information systems.

Organic Materials

Our other business domains extend to a wide range of industrial fields, such as digital equipment, automotive, energy, and conservation, based on our organic material technology.

  • Epoxy Encapsulation Materials for Semiconductors

    Epoxy Encapsulation Materials for Semiconductors

    Kyocera has developed cutting-edge technologies over many years that are utilized in a range of fields, including semiconductors.

  • Photosensitive Organic Passivation Materials

    Photosensitive Organic Passivation Materials

    Kyocera is the only manufacturer currently producing and marketing a cold-curing polyimide material that hardens at under 200℃ *.

    * Based on research by Kyocera in 2013

Optical Components

We supply many types of optical components to meet consumer and commercial needs, focusing on lenses for video equipment and automotive cameras.

  • Aspherical Lenses

    Aspherical Lenses

    Our development of high-precision, stable aspherical lenses has helped to reduce the total number of lens elements required in a lens assembly while maintaining high optical performance.

  • Automotive Lenses and Scanner Lenses

    Automotive Lenses and Scanner Lenses

    Our aspherical lenses enable smaller, more precise devices.


Our hotel business is based on a commitment to provide hospitality with a heartfelt smile. Kyocera operates an upscale resort designed by noted architect Kisho Kurokawa in Kagoshima; a luxury resort with access to golf, hot springs, swimming, and other sports facilities, also in Kagoshima; and an elegant hotel in the heart of Kyoto.

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