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Providing solar modules worldwide will have a favorable impact on the global environment. It’s just one of the ways Kyocera products are contributing to the world we live in.

Applied ceramic technologies offer diverse benefits in a wide range of fields, including environmental protection, healthcare, manufacturing and even fashion.

Kyocera has expanded the use of fine ceramics in industrial applications around the world, advancing its technology to develop new products for many emerging markets. After starting solar development in 1975, we were the first company in the world to establish mass production technology for multicrystalline silicon solar cells using the casting method, now the industry standard. We have also developed storage batteries to more effectively use energy. In the medical field, we support health and wellness by offering dental implants and orthopedic joint replacement systems. Kyocera's applied ceramic technology is at work in products ranging from jewelry, which beautifies everyday life, to industrial cutting tools, which enhance manufacturing productivity.

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Solar Power Generating Systems
Residential Solar Power Generating Systems Residential Solar Power Generating Systems

By combining solar modules of varying size and shape it is possible to install systems on small or irregularly shaped roofs — achieving aesthetic harmony and increasing overall power output.

Industrial Solar
Transportation Infrastructure (Japan)
Industrial Solar Transportation Infrastructure (Japan)

A solar power generating system of approximately 2MW was installed on the Nagoya-Daini-Kanjo Expressway using anti-glare modules, which disperse reflected sunlight. These modules are often used for transportation infrastructure near expressways and airports.

Industrial Solar
School Facilities (Japan)
Industrial Solar School Facilities(Japan)

Installations at more than 1,200 schools and other educational facilities around Japan supplement electric power while educating students about environ - mental protection and how solar power generation works.

Industrial Solar
Stade de Suisse (Switzerland)
Industrial Solar Stade de Suisse(Switzerland)
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This Swiss soccer stadium features a 1.3MW Kyocera solar power generating system. Many renowned sports facilities worldwide generate clean energy using Kyocera's solar modules.

Industrial Solar
Large-Scale Solar Power Plant (Spain)
Industrial Solar Large-Scale Solar Power Plant(Spain)

The Dulcinea Solar Plant in Spain is equipped with approximately 140,000 Kyocera solar modules. Its 28.8MW capacity is capable of powering approximately 12,000* local homes.

*Based on local measurement standards

Large-Scale Solar Power Plants Around the World Large-Scale Solar Power Plants Around the World
A project has recently been completed in Thailand to construct and operate 35 large-scale solar power generating systems totaling 257MW — like this 7.5MW installation in the Korat region.
Kyocera solar modules are used on Toyota Motor Corporation’s award-winning Prius hybrid vehicle — one indication of our modules’ outstanding reliability and potential for broad application.
The high quality and high reliability of Kyocera's solar modules are recognized by market-leading, third-party certification bodies.
Kyocera's solar modules were the world's first to be certified in the Long-term Sequential Test performed by TÜV Rheinland Japan (headquarters: Germany).
In high-voltage stress testing by Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft (Germany), Kyocera's solar modules showed no decline in output after being subjected to severe testing conditions. Fraunhofer
Lithium-Ion Power Storage Enhances Solar Power Generating Systems Residential Solar Power Generating Systems
Long-lasting, high-capacity lithium-ion battery storage units are used in conjunction with solar power generating systems and home energy management systems (HEMS). They help provide a more stable supply of electricity while acting as an emergency power source during power outages.
Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools "CERATIP"
Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are essential to the field of metal processing. Kyocera supports the industry with unique cutting tools based on advances in cemented carbides, cermet materials and coating technologies.

Industrial Precision Blades Industrial Precision Blades

Industrial precision blades made from ceramics and cemented carbides are used to process a wide variety of materials, including liquid crystal films, automotive tires and specialized textiles.

Printed Circuit Board Micro Drills Printed Circuit Board Micro Drills

Micro drills with diameters smaller than a human hair help produce compact, high-density substrates for mobile phones and semiconductor packages.

Medical and Dental Products
Orthopedic Joint and Bone Replacement Systems

Kyocera creates orthopedic joint replacement systems by integrating the most advanced ceramic and metal technologies. Our Aquala® technology was the first in the world to combine a biocompatible polymer with the joint material. We continually work to further enhance the durability of orthopedic joint systems.

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Orthopedic Joint and Bone Replacement Systems
Dental Implants Dental Implants

Kyocera's dental implants, made of surface-treated titanium with excellent biocompatibility, help people overcome both the functional and aesthetic problems of tooth loss while enhancing overall health.

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Using unique ceramic crystallization technologies, Kyocera creates gemstones that consist of the same elements as their natural counterparts, marketed under jewelry brands such as CRESCENT VERT.

Decorative Materials
Decorative Materials Synthetic Opals
Decorative Materials:
Synthetic Opals
Kyocera’s synthetic opal material — called “Kyoto Opal” in the Japanese market — uses proprietary gemstone synthesis technology for a quartz-grain structure identical to naturally occurring opal. It is used as a decorative material in various applications.
Kitchen Utensils
Kitchen Utensils
Ceramic Knives

Kyocera’s ceramic kitchen knives enjoy an excellent reputation — their lightweight, wear-resistant blades hold a razor-like edge longer than metal blades, and never rust.

Solar Power Generating Systems | Cutting Tools | Medical and Dental Products | Jewelry | Kitchen Utensils
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