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Applied Ceramic Products

Solar Energy

Kyocera has been developing photovoltaic cells since the first oil crisis of the early 1970s, based on a commitment to improve our world through renewable energy. We have since expanded our product lines, supplying solar power generating systems, storage batteries and energy management systems (EMS) to protect the global environment and transition to a low-carbon society.

  • Residential Solar Power Generating Systems

    Residential Solar Power Generating Systems

    We supply solar modules of various sizes and shapes to integrate aesthetically with diverse roof structures while increasing total power generation.

  • Municipal and Industrial Solar Power Systems

    Municipal and Industrial Solar Power Systems

    The Kyocera Group provides integrated renewable energy services ranging from solar module production to system design, installation, operation, and maintenance. Our systems are used in utility-scale solar power plants, both ground-mounted and floating on freshwater reservoirs.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Systems &Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

    Lithium-Ion Battery Storage & Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

    Used in conjunction with residential solar, a battery storage unit can help ensure a stable supply of electricity - even providing backup power during a blackout. Kyocera's home energy management systems display energy usage clearly to promote efficiency and conservation.

Cutting Tools

Kyocera develops state-of-the-art cutting tools through advances in materials, such as cemented carbides and cermet, and through new coating and forming technologies. We help consolidate production processes and shorten cycle times with special-order tools for custom applications in the automotive, heavy equipment and aerospace industries.

  • Industrial Precision Blades

    Industrial Precision Blades

    Precision blades made from ceramics and cemented carbides are essential to industry. They are used in cutting processes to manufacture products ranging from liquid crystal displays to lithium-ion batteries.

Medical Materials

Kyocera supplies orthopedic joint implants, dental implants and other medical materials developed through its ceramic and metal materials technologies and surface processing expertise, to improve the quality of human life.

  • Long-Lasting Orthopedic Joint Technology Aquala ®

    Long-Lasting Orthopedic Joint Technology Aquala®

    Polymers with the same molecular structure as human cellular membranes are grafted onto the articular surface of an artificial hip joint to greatly extend the service life of the implant.

  • Ceramic Medical Materials BIOCERAM® AZUL

    Ceramic Medical Materials BIOCERAM® AZUL

    A medical-grade ceramic that increases the strength, toughness, and stability of orthopedic joint implants.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    In addition to restoring lost functionality, Kyocera's dental implants are a proven method for restoring a beautiful smile.

* Aquala and BIOCERAM are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation in Japan and other countries.

Jewelry & Kitchen Tools

Using unique crystal-growing technologies, Kyocera creates recrystallized gemstones that consist of the same elements as their natural counterparts. We have also developed kitchen tools made from highly wear-resistant ceramics and other products to enrich daily life.

  • Jewelry


    Gemstones with breathtaking color and ideal transparency are marketed under Crescent Vert ® and other brands.

  • Ceramic Kitchen Tools

    Ceramic Kitchen Tools

    Lightweight, rustproof kitchen tools keep their sharp edge longer and are popular for their ease of use.

* Crescent Vert are registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation in Japan and other countries.

  • Outstanding Reliability Recognized by Global Authorities

    The Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics, a third-party certification body in Germany, tested 13 commercial solar modules from major manufacturers around the world. Kyocera modules were among the few that showed no decline in output after being subjected to high-voltage stress testing, demonstrating their outstanding potential for long-term reliability.

    *Fraunhofer's Potential Induced Degradation (PID) testing applied a direct voltage of 1,000V at a temperature of 50℃ and 50% humidity for 48 hours to measure the decline in module power output.

  • Outstanding Reliability Recognized by Global Authorities

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