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Electronic Devices

Electronic Components

Capacitors and SAW devices are essential to virtually all forms of electronic equipment, from smartphones and wearable devices to industrial machines. Kyocera contributes to the advancement of electronics through cutting-edge technology and high quality throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Capacitors


    Kyocera's comprehensive line of ceramic, niobium oxide, and tantalum capacitors supports the industry's trend toward smaller, lighter, more advanced electronic equipment.

  • SAW Devices

    SAW Devices

    SAW devices are used in smartphones and other wireless communication handsets. Kyocera's wide range of SAW devices includes filters and duplexers.

Crystal Devices

Quartz crystal devices are essential for producing an accurate and stable frequency-reference signal. This makes them vital to our information age. Kyocera handles every aspect of developing and producing synthetic quartz crystals, which provide the "heartbeat" of a digital circuit.

  • Timing Devices

    Timing Devices

    Drawing from its material and process technologies, Kyocera delivers compact, high-performance crystal oscillators and timing devices to generate reference signals in many types of electronic equipment.

Power Semiconductors

Power semiconductors, designed to control and exchange electrical currents, are widely used in the most hard-working electronic equipment. The need to maximize electric power efficiency grows day by day, and Kyocera offers an extensive line of high-quality, high-reliability products to help save energy in a growing range of electronic equipment.


Kyocera offers a comprehensive line of connectors that enhance our lives in everything from consumer electronics to automobiles and medical equipment. Compact connectors that facilitate high data-transfer speeds help make devices thinner, lighter and more functional.

  • Connectors


    Kyocera's diverse connector products offer thin profiles, small footprints, multiple functions, and high-speed operation to meet demanding specifications.


Kyocera develops and supplies liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for the automotive industry, which demands long-term reliability under a wide range of operating conditions. Our LCDs have numerous applications in other markets as well, including telecommunications devices, testing and measuring instruments, and gaming equipment.

  • Automotive Displays

    Automotive Displays

    While capitalizing on high-definition characteristics and utilizing unique processing technologies to deliver diverse product shapes, we have dramatically improved design to address a wide variety of customer requirements.

Printing Devices

Kyocera supplies printing devices for the three main digital-imaging methods: electrophotographic, inkjet and thermal. Our advanced materials and process technologies allow printing equipment to deliver faster, higher resolution output on a wider range of print media.

  • Thermal Printheads

    Thermal Printheads

    Devices that use Kyocera's thermal (heat-sensitive and thermal transfer) printheads have many applications, ranging from photo to barcode and receipt printers.

  • a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

    a-Si Photoreceptor Drums

    Long-life amorphous silicon (a-Si) photoreceptor drums offer outstanding durability due to their extreme wear resistance - and their excellent light sensitivity produces sharp, clear images at high speeds.

  • High-Speed, High-Resolution Inkjet Printheads

    Printheads serve as the imaging component in inkjet printers, used by commercial enterprises to print items ranging from direct-mail leaflets to patterned textiles. Kyocera's proprietary piezoelectric ceramic technology enables high-speed, full-color inkjet printing with unprecedented resolution at speeds of up to 100 meters per minute. Our printheads are also ideal for short-run and customized "print-on-demand" solutions.

  • High-Speed, High-Resolution Inkjet Printheads

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